Come Out and Rush!
Why Rush?
We Provide Opportunities

Sigma Phi Delta is an organization that provides the individual with opportunities unlike any other. Members are encouraged to grow socially, academically and professionally. In this regard, few other organizations are on par with Sigma Phi Delta - most don't even come close.

We are Fellow Engineers

Sigma Phi Delta is a professional and social fraternity exclusive to engineers. An engineering student that wishes to be an active member in the college and in the university has many options available to them. Many students strongly consider the benefits of joining major-specific organizations in preparation for their future; it is important to add relevant activities to their resume while making connections with other professionals who may help them out in their future job seeking process. For some, the solution is obvious: join a non-social organization which caters specifically towards the advancement of one's individual career. While organizations like these are certainly very well known and may offer an edge to their members over less ambitious students, they do not provide all the skills and experiences gained from membership in a social fraternity designed with these tasks in mind.

We Help with Academics and Networking

We offer as much time and resources as is deemed necessary to ensure that our brothers succeed in their studies. Often this is through informal tutoring, but it is also offered in the form of past completed coursework or exams used as study materials. Also, as alumni, we can offer more personalized recommendations to the recruitment departments of our companies to increase the chances of getting an engineering job (which is increasingly important in these troubling economic times). As an example, several brothers have received internships in the past which were, in part, a result of the personal connection with alumni.

We have Amazing Social Events

Like many other chapters of social fraternities nationwide, Psi Chapter participates in a host of extracurricular activities. Over the course of each year, brothers plan and participate in a wide variety of events and activities, including intramural sports, movie nights, mixers, dinners, road trips, retreats, barbecues , homecoming celebrations, Founder's Day celebrations, various alumni events, etc. In addition, we are always open to new ideas.

Personal Growth

There are professional organizations that advance academic ambition, and there are organizations which promote social success. Our fraternity offers a balance of each. We endeavor to be better students and to experience college more fully. Our fraternity is stronger for the social bonds and the academic standards that we hold ourselves to and our fraternity is stronger than either by itself. We provide the opportunity for personal growth, an unforgettable college experience, and a successful professional career. That is why we are THE Premier Engineering Fraternity.