About Sigma Phi Delta
Q: What is rush?

Rush is an opportunity for students who are interested in Greek life to find out what it has to offer and whether there's a fraternity or sorority they might be interested in. For fraternities, it lasts two weeks, starting Monday September 21st and ending Saturday October 3rd.

Q: What are your rush events?

On Monday the 25th from (6-8pm) we'll be having dinner at 9 White Clay Drive. By dinner, we mean wings and by wings we mean delicious, delicious awesome. Then we will be getting hanging out at the Green Turtle on Thursday the 27nd from (8-10pm). On Monday the 3rd we'll be feasting at Grottos. That's from 6 to 8pm. If you like us and we like you then you'll get an invitation to callback interviews - that's Wendesday the 5th.

Q: How is Psi Chapter similar to other social fraternities?

Like many other chapters of social fraternities nationwide, Psi Chapter participates in a host of extracurricular activities. Over the course of any given year, brothers plan and participate in a wide variety of events and activities including: intramural sports, movie nights, mixers, dinners, road trips, retreats, barbecues, homecoming celebrations, founders' day celebrations, various alumni events, etc. In addition, the brothers are always open to new ideas.

Q: What does Psi Chapter do to give back to the community?

Over the years, Psi Chapter has established a tradition of giving back to the community through charitable events such as the Plane Pull, Relay for Life(R), Ramjam, UDance, etc. In addition, brothers give back on a local level through Adopt-a-Highway events, blood drives, Newark storm drain marking, etc.

Q: How does the Fraternity help its brothers academically?

The current president is putting measures in place right now that will insure that every upperclassmen fraternity member is available for tutoring hours within the fraternity for an hour a week during study hours. He is also enacting a long overdue amendment to the By-Laws called the School Work Repository Act whereby a member of the fraternity is elected each semester to oversee the gathering, collecting, and organizing of past tests, homework, and projects from all members of the fraternity (current and alumni). This will then only be available to members of SPD and held at a dynamic location ( or made digital and kept on password protected part of the website) set forth by the current president.

Q: How does Sigma Phi Delta differ from special interest organizations such as NSPE, NSBE, ASME, etc?

The primary difference between sigma phi delta and other engineering organizations is that all of the brothers in the fraternity must pay dues. While this may seem like a disadvantage, dues give our organization more spending money than RSOs who receive their funds from the university. This gives us the ability to throw more frequent and larger events. Dues also keep our members invested in the fraternity. As a professional and social fraternity we also have a greater social focus than other engineering organizations. Simplified, Sigma Phi Delta has an academic focus that other fraternities lack, but is more social than other engineering RSOs.

Q: Can I join another fraternity if I am in Sigma Phi Delta?

We are a mutually exclusive greek organization. Our members may also be members of other non-mutually exclusive organizations (such as Eta Kappa Nu), but they may not be members of other mutually exclusive greek organizations (such as Kappa Alpha Psi).