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April/May 2015

Greek Week/Airband 2015

Greek Week 2k15 started off with physical challenges such as tug of war where the brothers came in 2nd place and a relay race in which brothers Magre, Kokjohn and Prato came in 1st out of all the fraternities. The week concluded with a Friday night dance performance at Airband, Sigma Phi Delta's first time performing at the event. After all the events were tallied the brothers were proud to take home the 2nd place trophy for Greek Week, after just a few years of starting to participate in the Greek Week activities.

April 2015


Five brothers decided to jump in the pool and participate in Delta Gamma's philanthropy event, Anchorsplash, an event filled week concluding with a relay race swim event. Even though they were not the fastest in the pool they made up for it with their perfect synchronized swimming performance to the song "Trap Queen" by the one and only Fetty Wap. Another year coming up empty handed only drives the team to work harder to win the golden shark next year!

April 2015

UDance 2015

For the Spring 2015 semester the brothers decided to participate in UDance, sponsored by the B+ foundation. The brothers raised money in a fight against childhood cancer. Through aggressive canning on Main Street (resulting in an injury to Dan Grindle) and raising money personally, the Psi chapter was able to raise $3,255, exceeding expectations. As a whole, the University of Delaware raised $1,282,103.30, a tremendous feat celebrated with a 24 hour long dance marathon held at the Bob Carpenter Sports Center. The Psi chapter had a great time helping out the B+ foundation and looks to contribute again next year!

April 2015

White Clay Creek State Park Cleanup

On April 12th, the brothers of Sigma Phi Delta visited White Clay Creek State Park to volunteer and put their muscles to work. All their manpower was put to work to remove the invasive bamboo that was taking over the habitat for the spice bush. The brothers bonded and shared stories over six hours of cutting, chopping, and tossing the bamboo. It was a great experience and a fun time for all. Their efforts helped to better the local environment and clean up a widely used state park just a few miles from campus.

February 2015

Engineering Week Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Another year, another Engineering Week in which the brothers made liquid nitrogen ice cream for the College of Engineering's opening carnival. After participating in this tradition for many years now, the brothers have perfected the recipe and are looking to scale up their production. The Psi chapter was glad to participate in the carnival and looks to participate again next year, with more ice cream and more flavors.

November 2014

Movember 2014

This November the brothers of Sigma Phi Delta participate in the Movember Philanthropy to raise money for men's health. The brothers collected and gave donations towards this great cause while growing manly mustaches to let the world know they are working to change the face of men's health. From the horseshoe to the handlebar, the brothers displayed their hansom hair to the world and raised a total of $910. Now that November is over all that's left to do is say goodbye to their flourishing facial hair and wait till next November to participate again.

October 2014

Mobility Challenge 2014

The brothers of Sigma Phi Delta's Psi Chapter participated in a campus wide Mobility Challenge sponsored by the Assistive Medical Technologies Club. The brothers pledged to wear mobility reducing straps that limited their arms' range of motion all day in order to raise awareness for mobility disabilities. While wearing the straps, the brothers photographed themselves doing everyday tasks that the straps made incredibly difficult. Simple things like stopping on the side walk to tie a shoe became a five minute ordeal, putting on a backpack required serious planning, and doing pushups became nearly impossible. At the end of the day, the brothers were awarded a 1st place for being the most active group in the challenge. For their efforts they won a 1st prize trophy and a pizza party. Nothing motivates Psi Chapter like free pizza but at the end of the day they learned just how fortunate many of us are to be fully mobile. Overall it was a fantastic event that they are eager to participate in again next year.

October 2014

Flag Football with Gamma Phi Beta

Sigma Phi Delta paired up with the ladies of Gamma Phi Beta to play intramural flag football. Unsurprisingly, the team excelled and was able to make it all the way to the finals with the help of Tom Sharp (also referred to as Tommy Football). Great defense was played all year but a high number of pick sixes by Max Prato carried the team through the playoffs. Blood, sweat, and spray paint was had in the finals where the team played their heart out only falling short by one score. The team was cheered on all game by the lovely ladies of Gamma Phi Beta as well as some brothers who decided to spray paint their chests and scream at the top of their lungs. The brothers look to compete again next semester to finish the job.

October 2014

Psi visits Beta-Iota

On October 10th the brothers of Psi Chapter took a road trip down to the Beta-Iota chapter at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. The last time these two chapters met was two years ago so there were some familiar faces and many new. Quality brotherhood bonding was had and the night capped off with a mass order of calzones and a slap bet heard around the world. Psi hopes to host Beta-Iota in Newark in the near future.

May 2014

Sigma Phi Delta Spring Formal 2014

The brothers of Sigma Phi Delta went down to Ocean City, MD for the 2014 Spring Formal. The brothers decided to make a beach weekend out of the event and rented out a motel right along the beach. The formal event was only a short walk from the motel and there was plenty of delicious food and horrible dancing. Other notable events were a massive football game on the beach and a trip to an all you can eat crab shack. The brothers of Psi said it was hands down one of the best weekends of their life and they plan on turning this beach weekend into a tradition.

Feburary 2014

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

The long standing tradition between the College of Engineering and Sigma Phi Delta continued this year at the Engineering Week Carnival where the brothers of SPD made liquid nitrogen ice cream. Ryan McDonough, Pete Burtone, and Vito Casuga put their aprons and their goggles on for this cool demonstration of an alternative way to freeze ice cream. Many people were skeptical at first thinking that nitrogen might be poisonous (seeing the white fog coming out of the ice cream) but once they were reassured it was indeed safe they all agreed it tasted just like real ice cream, maybe even better. Some might even argue it is a strong competitor with the UDairy Creamery on campus. Sigma Phi Delta would like to thank the College of Engineering for inviting them to participate in the carnival year after year and we look forward to participating in this event next year.

November 2013


For the month of November, the brothers of Sigma Phi Delta put down their razors and picked up their bottles of testosterone pills in a effort to grow mustaches... for science! The brothers, now with a sweet collection of upper lip hair, raised money to go towards research of prostate and testicular cancer as well as research in men's health. They raised money through the Movember Organization and competed in the Big Moustache On Campus challenge which raised $955,749 countrywide, just short of one million! Towards the end of the month questions like, "Why is that cat sleeping on your mouth?" were common as the men traveled about campus. However, like all good things it had to come to an end. As December came, the brothers suffered heartbreak as they had to part from their glorious (some futile) moustaches. Until next Movember!

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

SPD Dives in to Second Place at Anchor Splash!

The brothers of Sigma Phi Delta cleaned off the dust from their goggles and relived the glory of their high school swimming days when they wrecked havoc in the pool at Delta Gamma's Anchor Splash 2013. Led by their fearless leaders and team captains, José and Chelsey, the men were able to pull off a second place overall finish after winning all of the relay races in the pool. The fun filled day was capped off by the synchronized swimming event where the brothers completed an interpretive dance to the song, "What Does the Fox Say?" by the renowned composer Ylvis. Training for next year's Anchorplash is underway as the men of Sigma Phi Delta have their eyes on winning the Golden Shark.

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Nuclear Power Plant Visit

On the 15th of May 2013 Sigma Phi Delta took a field trip down to the Salem-Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant. The picture depicts us standing in the operator’s room which controls the entire Nuclear Power Plant. We don’t know why they trusted us, even if it was just a simulation room, in their but we were thankful for the experience. Thanks goes out to Austin Hollingshead for organizing the trip and toward the kind tour guides that showed us around the nuclear plant.

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Lehigh Colonization Weekend

On Friday September 7th the brothers of the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity gathered in Bethlehem, PA to begin the colonization of the Beta-Iota chapter at Lehigh University. Both active brothers and alumni traveled from around the country for this joyous occasion. The first night everyone got introduced or reunited over wings and baseball. The festivities were carried on at the hotel where the brothers were able to meet and get to know all the new pledges. The following day the official ceremony took place to start the colonization of the Beta-Iota chapter. The pledges where eager to prove their worth and we will look forward to seeing them at their colonization weekend. Unfortunately the brothers of Psi chapter had to leave before the dinner ceremony but it is safe to assume many good times were had.

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Sigma Phi Delta Rush Begins!

It's that time of year again! Fraternities at the University of Delaware are looking to recruit. Sigma Phi Delta has an awesome rush schedule planned filled with dodgeball, RC car races, BBQs, wing tasting, professional talks, and good old brotherly love. We hope to see eager engineers looking to expand their horizons and make connections that will last far beyond the halls of UD. Come and join us during Rush Week for a great time, free food, awesome advice, and a hearty welcoming to the University of Delaware's College of Engineering. Check out our rush schedule at (And yes, that is an LED decorated castle.)

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Paintball 2011

The forces of DRCWULP, once again led by Alumnus Evan Vanarelli, enlisted in what shall now be known as the War of Outsider Aggression. The poor souls challenging this year: a mix up of players allying themselves with 6 members of the marine reserves toting custom weaponry. We were all too eager to meet the enemy head to head. The fray was entered in the usual manner, knee deep in mud. DRCWULP began the day learning the advantage of custom weaponry after a hardy defeat. It became clear that victory would come, not due to any sort of combat skill, but to battlefield planning and... whatever stupid sh*t we could pull out of our backsides. The DRCWULP forces resorted to the usual plan – throw Sigma Class at the dangerous bits. Brothers Spoodle and Murderface took the fire valiantly allowing the rest of the group to flank or do whatever people do in battle when not getting shot. Over the course of the war, the battles were fought in bunkers, grasslands, jungles, in a castle, and on a boat. Durcwulp gave no ground and offered no quarter. At the end of the day the men of DRCWULP had changed. Their spirits were damaged by the carnage they saw and their clothes were covered by a thick coat of paint. There may come a day when Sigma Phi Delta will have to take up arms again. Any enemy should know that we will always be willing to meet them in simulated combat. For glory, honor, or fun. Till next time.

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

SPD and AOE Formal

On 5/7/11, the strapping lads of Sigma Phi Delta gathered with our sister sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon for our yearly formal at Timothy's in Wilmington. Several conflicting reports may give credence to the rumors that foreign activities, such as “dancing” and “mingling,” may have occurred between the two organizations. Whatever occurred that night in Wilmington, the Sigma Phi Delta organization can report a 0% fatality rate during the course of the event. The tradition lives another year!!!

Saturday, April 30th, 2011


Whoever said philanthropy was the dullest part of Greek life has never seen how Psi Chapter does it. This year, the Psi chapter continued its tradition of supporting the annual RamJam concert, an event supporting the efforts of Engineers Without Borders. The event is a day long benefit concert featuring local bands such as Spokey Speaky, Mad-Sweet Pangs, and 61 North. For those volunteering, it means that their shifts were covered by live music, which in this writers opinion is the best way to spend a work day. Sunburns, acoustic guitars, and bonfires are of course the mandatory way to end such an event. This writer would like to give a shoutout to Alumnus Porkchop for organizing another successful RamJam.

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Founder's Day

Some people celebrate Christmas as their favourite time of year, others choose warmer holidays like Independence Day. For the men of Sigma Phi Delta, our favorite holiday is Founder's Day. It is a time for alumni and actives to come together as one and celebrate the signing of the declaration of frathood in the Red Barn on a fateful day in 1924. In keeping with the founder's location of a barn, the event was celebrated in a barn-like garage. The torrential rainfall did nothing to dampen the mood as the barbecue kept the attendees fed late into the evening. The attendees left the event, muddy, bruised and soaked to the bone, just as we all know the founders would have wanted it.

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Plane Pull

Some Greek organizations choose to complete their community service with bake sales, or mile walks, but Psi Chapter does not do philanthropy by half measure. We choose to participate in the annual Plane Pull competition for the benefit of Special Olympics Delaware. Teams from all over Delaware compete to overcome the static and kinetic friction between an AC-130 and the ground. This Historian is proud to report that the Psi chapter managed to generate a greater force per member this year than the Delaware ROTC team. We would like to thank Alumni Toone, Harbison, and Parkhurst for attending and supporting the endeavour.

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

When Chapters Collide

Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives, 'cause as the scholars say, the sh*t gets real when two chapters collide. This weekend the Psi Chapter hosted the Virginia Tech chapter for a weekend of Shenanigans and good, old-fashioned debauchery. One Virginia Tech brother and several pledges were in attendance. On Friday and Saturday night, the two fraternities hosted a pasta dinner at 49 1/2 N Chapel,and a barbecue at 11 Wilbur with the lovely ladies of Alpha Omega Epsilon. The V-Tech pledges left Delaware Sunday night, thoroughly exhausted, properly reviewed, and more importantly, they left knowing what it takes to be a member of Psi Chapter. See ya next year Gents!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Rush Week

With Rush Week concluded, the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity would like to welcome its two new pledges Matthew Benjes and Andrew Caulfield. After an extraordinary buffet style dinner at Kate’s, the new pledges were formally inducted as the Upsilon Pledge Class. It is important to note that absolutely nothing else worth mentioning happened over the course of the evening. The picture included once again has nothing to do with discussed events. Pi is a wonderful irrational number.

Friday, September 10th, 2010

The Play

It was on September 10th that the good old boys of Sigma Phi Delta came together to show support for NALFO by attending their production of “The Truth About Relationships.” The production, written by Pastor Barry JT DeVine, and featuring musical numbers by Ronald Draper, turned out to be exactly the star-studded performance we had all hoped for. We laughed and we cried, utterly unable to repress the emotions invoked by the talented cast of whimsical characters. The event was attended by brothers Noob, Jer Bear, Spoodle, Pablo, Cannoli, Bones, Mclovin, and Chef. The night concluded with Rock Band at Brother Grossbach’s apartment. The picture above has nothing to do with the events of the evening, but I find it funny and I’m the one writing the articles.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Fog of War

Disaster struck the Sigma Phi Delta Psi Chapter on Saturday the 8th of May as the first shot in the conflict formally known as DRCWULP was fired at 12:17pm eastern standard time in the backwoods of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. The rebel DRCWULP Army, led by commander Evan Vanarelli, fell upon the Loyalists, led by Tompall Toone, with a fury unmatched in the annals of history. After 7 hours of brutal, unyielding combat (unyielding except for a quick lunch break), Tompall's forces finally buckled under the overwhelming badassitude of DRCWULP's members. With the Loyalists routed, DRCWULP was free to pillage and salt the earth as they saw fit. Lacking any sizable quantity of salt, they were forced to do the next best thing, make Tompall ride home with Harbison. Order was returned the next day, as Chief Engineer Evan Vanarelli, having taken the position from Tompall Toone, passed his position to John DeLucca. The dust had settled, the bruises had healed and the conflict was finally over. A memorial was erected upon the wall of 236 East Delaware Ave, commemorating the day of the victory, and reminding the world that the DRCWULP nation will not perish from the earth.

In other news: fraternity paintball went well.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Engineers gather to consume food type items

In the inevitable manner of such things, this evening’s rush event devolved from its intended lofty auspices of preforming science to a bunch of dudes eating pizza. And though the room stank of our cumulative odor (Stimpy), and though the jokes were terrible (JerBear) and offensive (McLovin), a good time was had by all. In this context, “all” excludes Chum, Zorro, and Spoodle, but includes seven rushes and two alumni. In time, chairs were abandoned in favor of closer positions to the pizza. Gathered around the pizzas and trudged through the standard conversation of majors and housing until we started to recount the misadventures and fortunes of our brothers and alumni. Despite the vast amounts of maturity that our fraternity manages to attract, Yogi and Pablo both saw the sour end of our “Pay to the order of…” stamp. Similarly enjoyable was the discussion of convolutions led by self-proclaimed Ayatollah of the Internets, Chief-ELEG, Kingpin.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Engineering Week

Last week was Engineering Week at the University of Delaware. The Psi chapter participated by holding two events: one centered around Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and the other involving Non-Newtonian Fluids. The picture shows Cheif Engineer Tompall Toone and Vice Cheif Engineer Evan Vanarellli making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Fellow Alumni Ramsey Hazbun attended the event.

Rush week starts this week make sure to check out these events to meet and greet the Psi chapter.

Monday 2/22/10- Video Game Night and Free Food SHL 105 9-11pm
Wednesday 2/24/10- Grotto’s and Free Food 7-9pm
Tuesday 3/2/10- Pizza Eating Competition Kirkwood Room in Perkins 9-11pm

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sigma Phi Delta Spring 2010 Rush

We kicked off the spring semester by attending Activities Night in Trabant. Matt "Bonez" Schiffer is the rush chair this semester and has planned exciting events including free food that will hopefully bring in many new members.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This past weekend, a band of Psi brothers sought Walden-esque enlightenment from the rolling foothills and dense woods of Pennsylvania's French Creek State Park. There they made merriment of one another's company and enjoyed jokes and tales as can only be had in the bonds of close friendship. As night crept across the horizon they drew in closer to the warmth of the fire and there they sat shoulder to shoulder with their legs stretched nearer  to the warmth of the flame. The fire was an unfortunately measly affair and it's dull, acrid smoke stung the eyes of those downwind. But its warmth in the November night chill brought brothers closer still.

Now removed from the sickly glow of monitor light, these engineers found renewed manhood in the winter woods. Hatchets were wielded, wood was burned, and men slept awkwardly close to one another in a desperate struggle for warmth. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009